US ‘sure’ about Iran’s involvement in attack on Israeli oil tanker

US 'sure' about Iran's involvement in attack on Israeli oil tanker

The United States is “certain that Iran launched a deadly attack against an oil tanker owned by an Israeli billionaire in the Arabian Sea”, assumed US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken this Sunday.

The US government official said the country is “consulting with governments in the region, not just about an appropriate and imminent response”.

The US stance on the attack comes in the wake of Israel’s indictment, with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett assuring today that his country had “evidence” of Iranian involvement, despite Tehran denying any connection to the case.

“I just heard that Iran, in a cowardly way, is trying to evade responsibility in this matter, which they are denying. [qualquer envolvimento]. So I can say with full certainty that Iran carried out this attack on the ship. […]. There is proof of this,” he said during the weekly meeting of his government.

“We hope that the international community will send a clear signal to the Iranian regime that it has made a serious mistake. In any case, we know to send the message to Iran in our own way,” he added, without specifying.

According to the US military, the oil tanker “Mercer Street” was the target of an attack with ‘drones’ (unmanned aerial equipment) in the Arabian Sea on Thursday, which has several ships in the region.

The attack, which was unclaimed, killed two people – a Briton employed by security company Ambre, and a member of the Romanian crew, according to shipyard Zodiac Maritime, a London-based international company that operates Israeli Eyal. Owned by Offer.

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Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said accusations of Iran carrying out the attack were “baseless”, noting that “such allegations and counter-allegations are nothing new”.

“responsible for [ataque] They are the ones who made it possible for the Israeli regime to gain a foothold in the region.”

Thursday night’s incident against the oil tanker “Mercer Street” marked the first known casualties after years of attacks on commercial vessels in the region linked to tensions with Iran.

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