v1.0.0 update looks promising, preview points

v1.0.0 update looks promising, preview points

eFootball 2022 It will finally receive the long-awaited update v1.0.0 and become “a new game”, as Konami said. Website VGC Had access to the preview version of the patch and seems to have cleared up the experience. According to the portal, the game is more complete in terms of gameplay.

In the preview, two novelties attracted attention. The first was the return of the possibility of encircling opposing players by pressing X on the mark, and pressing the button twice would cause your athlete to try to capture the boat. In short, the game has more similarities to previous versions of PES.

Ball matches will be similar to PES (Source: VGC)

The second feature highlighted in the eFootball update was the action change when the R2 button is pressed. Konami described the skills as “phenomenal passes”, “phenomenal kicks” and “aggressive touches”, but there are more variants in the gameplay that are capable of affecting crossings.

Players can now perform an ‘unprecedented kick’ by pressing R2 at the same time they press the kick button. This turns the energy meter blue and modifies the shot to make it more effective, but it comes at a cost as it takes longer for the player to straighten and release the ball.

eFootball 2022 Kick
The player straightens up to send an “unprecedented kick” (Source: VGC)

Finally, Portal does not classify the game as a match for FIFA, even with the v1.0.0 patch. However, with future balance and continuous improvement in defence, the experience will be even better. One type of ultimate team not tested in eFootball, the “ideal team” mode.

eFootball 2022 Patch v1.0.0 Arrives on April 14th

Konami has explained in detail what are the main changes coming to eFootball with the arrival of the v1.0.0 patch – passes have been improved, shots will be faster, and more. The publisher still promises to reveal all the details on the update’s release day, April 14. check out,

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