‘Vaccine tourism’ increases between Mexico and the United States. world

'Vaccine tourism' increases between Mexico and the United States.  world

Beginning in late March or early April, several US states such as Texas, Nevada and Florida have opened vaccinations against Kovid-19 without any restrictions. With measure, Tourists can get a free dose of immunizer. Middle class Mexicans, who do not know when they will be able to be vaccinated in their country, without wasting time and started traveling on weekends America Just to be vaccinated.

Companies, schools, and politicians consider the “Vaccine Passport” as a way to fix the economy in the United States.

Flights from the city’s airport Mexico Are bound to the United States. Thousands of Mexicans are still looking for a rare product in their country: a vaccine against Kovid. To travel, they offer a tourist visa, a negative PCR test and a pre-appointment for vaccination at an American pharmacy.

Arturo Carranza goes to Las Vegas with his wife. He tells the RFI report that the possibility of being vaccinated in the United States helps everyone in Mexico. Pilar Gonzalez has already moved to Texas with his family twice in search of a vaccine. “I don’t trust Mexican authorities. Vaccines are the same everywhere, but we had no idea when they would arrive in Mexico. Says Pilar, 50% of my friends went to the United States to vaccinate.

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In Mexico, vaccine tourism was initially considered a “junk of the rich”. But according to Roberto Truvitz, president of the Mexican Travel Agency Organization, it is primarily a popular phenomenon among young people. “This is a trend that will go on. Professionals say that instead of waiting until August or September, the youth might want to get vaccinated.

So far, Mexico has vaccinated only 6% of its population of 130 million people. Vaccine tourism is an obvious solution for those in Mexico who have the resources. For them, it is more expensive to pay for Kovid-19 to receive two required doses for both trips to the US.

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