Vaccines work against all circulating variants

Vaccines work against all circulating variants

According to PAHO (Pan American Health Organization), consultant and advisor on viral diseases in Jairo Mendco Rico, all vaccines, which are most worrisome, are currently being pitted against Kovid-19 work.

“What we know so far globally is that vaccines, as they are and which have already been licensed by the WHO emergency system, are working for all variants,” one for journalists The expert said this Thursday (13) during the virtual seminar.

According to him, it is possible that some variants affect the effectiveness of some of the vaccines, but, in general, all result in preservation.

Yes, they work, but instead of perhaps being 95% effective, they work with 90%, but the person is safe in the same way.
Zero Mendez Ricoh, Virologist and PAHO Consultant

There are currently four versions of “anxiety” considered by the organization:

  • B.1.17 did not identify Britain,
  • B.1.351 Identified in South Africa,
  • B.1.1.28 – P1– identified in the psyche is also called
  • And most recently, B.1.617 was identified in India.

According to PAHO, all have been shown to be more communicable, but no longer fatal.

Apart from these four, six other variants are considered to be of “interest”, namely, have some potential to become anxious, but they are yet to be studied.

At least 37 countries in the US have already confirmed the spread of at least one version of the concern. B.1.17 is by far the most common, present in 34 countries, followed by a pre-existing Brazilian version in at least 21 countries on the continent.

Some Vaccine Manufacturers Prefer Pfizer, modern and also Butanan Institute He had already noticed in early studies that his antibodies protect against variants. still, Scientists study a “universal vaccine” That will protect against the main changed forms Coronavirus.

The PAHO virologist warns, however, that it is necessary to ensure that the transmission is contained so that there is no place for variants capable of conquering the immunity of the vaccine.

“In countries where the trend is intense and still a large number of people have not been vaccinated, we should maintain the measures. [de distanciamento] Because we are still learning what happens when we are vaccinated and for how long we are truly safe. “

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