Valve hosted Steam Deck Media Experience. How do foreign media comment on this new handheld? | 4gamers

Valve hosted Steam Deck Media Experience.  How do foreign media comment on this new handheld?  |  4gamers

Valve recently invited several foreign media outlets to experience its latest handheld hardware “Steam Deck”. This time around, you can get a glimpse of Steam’s new handheld device via the integration of foreign media reports.

First, in terms of appearance, in most opinions, it can be seen that many media believe that the Steam Deck is bigger than they think, even if the Steam Deck’s weight reaches 669 grams. But based on that size, its weight is acceptable, and it may even feel lighter than expected.

For the part of the button position that many people think is “violating ergonomics”, most foreign media think it is not a huge problem. PC Gamer said Steam’s hardware design has gone through a lot of testing, including with kids. , Just don’t feel stuck while playing the position of A, B, X, Y and Cross.


Based on the opinion of most foreign media, most people are satisfied with its grip design. The most likely problem would be that while operating the controller, it is possible to accidentally touch the capacitive touch panel down. In addition, the analog joystick’s design with a smooth top and low deceleration may not be what some people are used to.


Also, there are different versions of Steam decks. The two cheaper versions have more severe reflections on the screen glass, and the higher-end version is much better. Also, some foreign media are concerned that although the weight is lighter than expected, it could be another matter whether the plastic shell will be scratched all at once.

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Let’s talk about internal computing performance. The Verge editor stated that although the theoretical computing power of the Steam Deck is less than half that of the Xbox Series S, which is the worst-performing host of the next generation, most games can be used on 720P screens. . It runs smoothly. Games like “The Witcher 3” and “Control” can be played with mid-level performance options without feeling lagging.

As for power, there is no clear data due to the limited test time, but Valve guarantees that “Portal 2” can be played for up to 4 hours, and some light games with low computing requirements can be watched for up to 8 hours.

Steam Deck’s operating system “SteamOS” is based on Linux, and uses Valve’s self-made toolset “Proton” to emulate all games natively on Windows. According to Valve, developers will also have access to a variety of tools specifically for modifying Steam decks. version of the game.

However, the proton is not invincible. The current known situation is that games with anti-cheat programs may not work on Steam OS, as anti-cheat programs may not allow Proton to emulate games normally. This effect includes “Destiny 2” and “Apex Heroes”. , Rainbow Six: Siege, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and other online games that emphasize fairness cannot be played on Steam Deck.

Valve claims that they are working hard to communicate with the developers of the anti-cheat program to support SteamOS. So whether these games can be played will have to wait for now.

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