Variations of Kovid spread in nursing homes despite vaccination, study says

Variations of Kovid spread in nursing homes despite vaccination, study says

An unvaccinated worker infected with a version of CoronavirusAccording to a study published on Wednesday, an outbreak occurred in a nursing home, where almost all residents were vaccinated.

According to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among dozens of cases, 22 among residents and staff, including those who were vaccinated with two doses, highlighted the importance of comprehensive vaccination and preventive measures.

He said that during an outbreak in Kentucky nursing homes in March, 46 chaos had been identified and three residents had died, two of whom had not been vaccinated.

The source of the outbreak was traced and the source was a worker with symptoms and who had not been vaccinated. The study stated that R1 was R1, which is “not currently identified as a concern or interest for CDC.”

Although researchers found that the outbreak showed a vaccine effect to prevent symptoms in infected people, they also noted its limitations.

“It highlights the importance (…) that all people, including those who have recovered from Kovid-19, receive vaccinations”, highlighted the study’s authors.

“An enduring emphasis on strategies to prevent disease transmission among vaccinated populations is also important,” he said.

The findings, along with another study of a similar outbreak at the Chicago Retirement Home, include the effects of a mixture of immunized and non-immunized people.

Although 90% of the 83 residents of Kentucky nursing homes received both doses, only half of the 116 workers were vaccinated when the outbreak was detected.

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