Vatican sources say Pope Francis will resign after Christmas

Papa Francisco

According to a report published by Britain’s website Express, a Vatican source said, Pope Francis, 83, will serve the church for only seven years and will resign after Christmas this year.

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247 – A Vatican source said that 83-year-old Pope Francis would serve the church only seven years and would resign after Christmas this year (2020). In close cooperation with the Vatican, Austen Ivreigh is the former director of public affairs for Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, former Archbishop of Westminster.

“I think there was no doubt that he would resign in 2020,” he said Express, UK website.

“He made it clear from the beginning that he considered the act of Pope Benedict (XVI) to be a prophetic act of great humility and that he would have no problem doing so,” he said, adding that the pontiff stayed for seven years. His reign.

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