Video: Leopard attack on woman and rescued with cane

Video: Leopard attack on woman and rescued with cane

A video is going viral on social networks this week. In images captured by a security camera, a woman is attacked by a leopard and defends herself from a feline using a cane. Preliminary information indicated that the attack may have taken place in Paraná, but the rumor was later denied. According to the Times of India portal, the case is of last Wednesday (29/9) in the city of Mumbai in the Asian country. The house is on the outskirts of the urban forest of Aarey Colony.

Security cameras captured the moment a leopard attacked the backyard of a house. Thereafter, 55-year-old Nirmala Rambadan Singh enters the scene, moving slowly with the help of a cane. She walks, clears a sidewalk with her hands, and sits with her back to the cat. The female does not realize that the animal is watching her, keeping her eyes fixed on the potential prey.

The scenes of the attack are scary. The leopard slowly comes and surprises the old woman, who tries to get up, carrying the cane – which she had – but eventually falls. The animal apparently tries to bite the neck of the woman, who defends herself from the baby walker.

The animal keeps trying to bite the woman, who dodges and screams for help. The animal gives up and runs away. Moments later, some men appear to help the woman.

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