Video records tornadoes injuring over 100 in Czech Republic | world

Video records tornadoes injuring over 100 in Czech Republic |  world

A tornado destroyed dozens of homes in southeastern cities this Thursday (24) czech republic. Emergency services announced that at least 100 people were injured. Interior Minister Jan Hamasek warned that the storm could have killed people as rescuers were trying to locate people under the rubble.

“We estimate between 100 and 150 people have been injured, including children and the elderly,” emergency services spokeswoman Michaela Bothova told Czech television. “All available resources have been mobilized and are on their way to the Hodonin area, where several cities were hit by tornadoes,” wrote Jan Hamasek on Twitter.

“The government is considering mobilizing military personnel if necessary,” Hamacek said, adding that Austrian and Slovak rescuers expected to help their Czech counterparts in places hit by the tornado.

In Hodonin, a town on the Slovakian border, a nursing home was hit. In videos that are circulating on social networks, it is possible to see destroyed buildings, uprooted trees and fires. Dozens of injured people were taken to Hodonin Hospital after being hit by a bus.

The mayor of Harsky, quoted by the Czech news agency, said half of that village had been devastated by the tornado.

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