Video shows elephant attack on safari car in South Africa

Video shows elephant attack on safari car in South Africa

A male elephant attacked a safari car in South Africa’s Selati Game Reserve. This episode was captured by videos that happened last Sunday (28)

EcoTraining, which operates in the region, confirmed the authenticity of the images. The company works with safari guides and wildlife training and reported that the incident happened with instructors and students.

When they flocked during the breeding season, the team was doing regular activities in the reserve. The professionals stopped to inspect the mammals and then one of the men in the group headed towards the car.

“The elephant approached the vehicle and pushed it off the road,” the EcoTraining statement said. The company also clarifies that, during the mating phase, males have higher levels of testosterone and may display aggressive behavior.

In one footage, you can hear a man saying, “Get out, get out, get out.” Then the students – along with two instructors with more than 25 years of field experience – were transferred to another car.

Brian Haveman, manager of the Selati Game Reserve, was at the scene after the incident and said that although the car was damaged, no one was injured.

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