VIDEO | Woman takes off panties in supermarket and wears mask against Kovid

VIDEO |  Woman takes off panties in supermarket and wears mask against Kovid

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A woman had her abdomen unbuttoned and applied to her face, as if it were a protective mask against the new coronavirus (Kovid-19). The case occurred in the middle of the Pick n ‘Pay supermarket in South Africa. Information is from UOL.

The record was widely reported in the local press this week, but information was not given as to when it took place or in which unit it was established. Another woman, who was in the queue, registered the action after a local employee was not present without patronage.

The client even claimed that she did not have a mask with her and the employee threatened to remove her from the store. At the same time, the woman puts her hand under her clothes and takes off her panties.

Congratulating the woman for her attitude, another buyer, who was behind her in the queue, starts saying “very well” and goes so far as to say that “the bacteria in the panties are less than the mask is”.

Shortly after all the confusion, a masked man was caught talking to supermarket staff to remove the shield of the man who congratulated the woman for wearing her panties. According to local website The Citizen News, she also said that she would not use the accessories because it is her constitutional right.

From 1 February, it is forbidden to go without a mask in public in the African country and those who fail to abide by this decision can be fined or even jailed for up to six months Can be placed in, according to the IOL website.

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“A person who does not wear a mask can be arrested and prosecuted. When they are convicted, they will face a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months or as a fine.” African website in December.

Even with all the confusion in the video, it was unclear whether the two women would be legally punished for not using protection.

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