Video: Woman wears dress as mask and enters ice cream parlor in only lingerie

Video: Woman wears dress as mask and enters ice cream parlor in only lingerie

A woman starred in an unusual scene in an ice cream shop last Saturday (the first) in Argentina’s Mendoza province. Upon entering the place to try to place her order, the daring customer, in addition to not wearing a face mask, as a safeguard against Covid-19, decided to enter without dress, only in lingerie, because She used to wear clothes. To cover the face.

In a video recorded by a local security camera, the woman is seen entering the establishment already wearing only her panties and bra, and then immediately trying to put on a black dress as a mask over her face. could.

At the site, a father and his three daughters were waiting to give their orders when they were shocked by the curious sight. According to the Daily Mail, the woman was asked to wear a mask.

In this sequence it can be seen that the woman stops tying the cloth on her face and leaves the place half-naked. According to the publication, she must have gone to the ice cream shop with 10 other people without a mask. They were reportedly able to buy 11 ice creams after someone found a face mask.

Watch the video below.

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