Vladimir Putin’s main rival Alexei Navalny in Russia has been removed from prison and his location is unknown.

Vladimir Putin's main rival Alexei Navalny in Russia has been removed from prison and his location is unknown.

Alexey Navalny, Chief politician against the government of Vladimir Putin On Russia, Was removed from the penal colony Where were you stuck And it is not known where it is, according to a message on the social network that was published this Friday (12) Navalny’s own profile (the text quotes her lawyers).

Alexei Navalny's lawyers say he is not in jail and asks for answers

Alexei Navalny’s lawyers say he is not in jail and asks for answers

He was transferred to the penal colony at the end of February.

At the time, the director of Russia’s Federal Prison Service, Alexander Kalashnikov, said Navalny was “transferred to a place where he should have been ordered by the court” and that he did not face any life threats.

“Navalny will fully serve his sentence under normal circumstances,” said Kallennikov.

Prison is considered political persecution

Navalny was arrested by police on arrival at Moscow Airport in January 2021.

Justice condemned him for the 2014 fraud case. Navlani himself, governments of many countries and NGOs consider the test as politically motivated.

Navalani is an anti-corruption activist. He is considered to be the main critic of Putin. He has millions of followers on social media and he says that Putin’s depth of corruption in Russia is known.

From there, he was taken to Berlin and placed in an induced coma.

The German government said Novelli was poisoned by a refined substance called Novichok, which reinforces the suspicion that the Russian state is behind the poisoning.

Known as neurotoxic agents, these substances are used in powder or liquid form. And they are so dangerous that they can only be manufactured in advanced laboratories, most of which are owned or controlled by governments.

Initially, it was believed that there was poisoning through the tea that Navalny drank that day. However, after being recovered, she kept an eye on the individuals who believed she had participated in the attack.

By posing as a security officer, Navalny would have succeeded in defrauding an arms expert who would have accepted that the case was indeed ongoing. And most of the chemical agents would have been put in his underwear. The Russian government has again denied the allegations.

At a UN meeting on Friday at the United Nations, 45 countries in which Russia called for the release of Navalnyi, his arrest was illegal and his venom investigation last year.

In a statement given by Poland to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, the countries said that Russian officials’ actions against the opposition leader were “unacceptable and politically motivated”. The 45 countries were predominantly European, but also included Australia, Canada and Japan.

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