Warning: WhatsApp may not work on your phone since January 1! This is the reason ..

Warning: WhatsApp may not work on your phone since January 1!  This is the reason ..

WhatsApp will soon stop working on millions of phones, meaning that by 2021 many popular communications will be without access to processors.

People with older smartphones are being warned that if they do not update their software, WhatsApp may not work for them next year.

This means that they can only use that processor for a few days.

In addition, it is said that some older smartphones will not be able to use WhatsApp in 2021.

It has been reported that WhatsApp will stop working for those who have not been updated with the iPhone 9 software or higher.

Similarly, Android users who do not use the new OS 4.0.3 OS or later will be affected.

If you have an iPhone 4 or older model then you will not be able to upgrade to the latest software.

Some Android devices, such as Motorola Droid Razr and Samsung Galaxy S2 also run on older software.

If you have an old phone, you can try to upgrade to new software.

To find out which software version Apple users are using, go to Settings on your phone and check ‘General’ and ‘About’.

Similarly, on Android you can go to Settings and go to ‘About Phone’.

Alternatively, you may need to upgrade to a new handset.

A section of the WhatsApp website shows which OS it is compatible with.

Eventually, users who need to update will be warned on their WhatsApp processor.

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