Watch a video of a 6 meter long paddlefish found in Chile. World

Watch a video of a 6 meter long paddlefish found in Chile.  World

North of the fishermen of the town of Arica ChileAbout 6 meters long paddlefish were found on Monday (11).

This fish is rare and there is a myth associated with it: Its presence is said to be associated with natural events such as earthquakes in the near future., This legend spread in Japan in 2011. Shortly before the tsunami caused by the Fukushima disaster, paddlefish were sighted off the country’s coasts.

Orefish picked up by a crane in Arica, Chile — Photo: Reproduction/Video

According to the Instituto de Fomento Pesca de Chile (Ifop), the appearance of the animal off the coast of Chile is very unusual.

Paulo Ricardo Schwingel, professor of oceanography at Univale in Itajai (Sc) and a master’s degree in environmental science and technology, says that this fish is found all over the world except the polar regions.

“It is one of the largest fish on the planet (in length). If we think about the groups of bony fish (which do not include cartilaginous fish like sharks), it is the largest on the planet,” he says. .

According to Schwingel, this is not a fish that swims well. He walks by waving his body. This makes it relatively easy prey for other animals such as sharks.

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