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The action taken by the countries in the last 13 months was decisive for the phase at which each is today. The governments of China, New Zealand and Japan have controlled the epidemic since the first half of 2020, with large-scale testing. But there are examples of nations that also had a disastrous 2020, changed their strategies this year and achieved good results.

However, there is no vaccination policy that works without strict measures. For example, Israel quickly vaccinated, but there was movement restrictions. From April 19, the country Abolished compulsory outdoor masks.

For researchers, it is no coincidence that The United States remains This followed the replacement of Republican Donald Trump by Democrat Joe Biden, who first formed a committee with public health experts to think about national strategies in the country and prevent the rise of cases and deaths.

“Vaccination also started to get a little sneaky – in Brazil, as there is no public health system in the United States – but with Biden, the states began clear guidelines with the management of the federal government, as it should be”, He says Monica de Bolle, professor at Johns Hopkins University. In some states, all age groups 16 and older are already being vaccinated.

Here, a committee with representatives from three branches Was created last month, But has not yet shown results.

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