We have no explanation for mysterious weather phenomena

We have no explanation for mysterious weather phenomena

A report intended to be released to US officials found no explanation for some “unspecified weather events”, and confirmed that they were not related to the secret technology of the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon), according to its description published I went. The “New York Times”, which authorized officials to see it.

These officials said the report, which deals with more than 120 cases of sightings of mysterious flying objects, does not mention any element that allows the detection of whether these objects are compounds from outer space.

A circulating photograph of a mysterious object has been observed

However, US intelligence was unable to explain some of the movements of these objects, including their ability to accelerate and change direction abruptly.

What is certain, according to these officials, is that in most cases, the case does not pertain to a secret US technology that Washington has refrained from disclosing.

The New York Times indicated that US intelligence fears that it may test on hypersonic vehicles, an experimental technology belonging to countries hostile to the United States, such as Russia or China, at least in some cases.

Last year, the US Congress ordered the executive branch to inform the public about the activities of the Pentagon unit, long termed “unidentified flying objects” that have been shrouded in secrecy for decades.

The preparation of this report was entrusted to the intelligence service “DNI”. The New York Times expected the report to be submitted to Congress on June 25.

It is expected that the report will include an addendum classified under the category of defense secrets, which will not include any element that proves the presence of unidentified flying objects, the newspaper itself quoted officials as saying. , which may increase speculation. in this regard.

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Last year, the Pentagon released videos filmed by US Navy pilots showing what were like UFOs in flight.

The military no longer classifies them as “Unknown Flying Objects”, but as “Unknown Flying Event”.

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