Werner Herzog: Alan Musk’s Mars is a ‘mistake’ and an ‘obscenity’

Werner Herzog: Alan Musk's Mars is a 'mistake' and an 'obscenity'

Alan Musk is on a mission to make humans A. Multiple planets Species by creating an independent city on Mars.

Billionaire tech mogul says starship spacecraft designed by his rocket company SpaceX could launch on first flight to Mars As soon as 2024. Ultimately, he hopes the rocket will take people to the Red Planet and the flesh. His goal is to build City of 10 million Martins by 2050.

The great filmmaker Werner Herzog thinks this would be “a mistake”.

“I think Alan Musk is styling himself as some kind of technical visionary,” Herzog said. Reverse. “Because he has to sell his electric cars. Surprisingly he did. He has to sell his reusable rocket. Surprisingly he is doing it.”

However, he added, “I do not agree with him when he controls and preaches colonization on Mars.”

SpaceX Mars Martian Colony City City Settlement Starship Rocket Launch Glass Bubble Dome Residence Art Performing Artist

One aspect of SpaceX’s planned starship rocket system is descending from a Martian city back to Earth.


Herzog said that humans “should not be like locusts,” but should “keep their home.”

Muscat argued that the earth could not be habitable forever and that mankind should expel it. If the weather crisis doesn’t make our planet more hospitable to human life, a planetary effect could easily do just that. Although we are lucky, in a few billion years, the burning sun will boil in the oceans of the earth and, finally, spread out to completely swallow our planet.

For Musk, colonizing Mars is the first step to avoiding this fate. But Harjog retorted that he did not believe.

“I want to tell everyone, not just Alan Musk,” she said. “It’s an obscenity. Thoughts alone are an obscenity.”

He compared the plans of the entrepreneur to the rise and fall of communism and fascism in the 20th century.

“Thank God, these two huge utopias were gone,” he said, adding that the same would happen to the Martian city of Muscat. “Our century will soon end technological utopia, like the colonization of Mars.”

Still, Herzog said he “would love to go [to Mars] With a camera with a scientist. “

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