West will impose sanctions at any cost: Putin

West will impose sanctions at any cost: Putin

The Russian president said that advocating for sanctions only cares about international law when it is to their advantage.

TASS – Western sanctions against Russia as well as Belarus will be implemented anyway and a reason will be found, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a news conference after talks with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

“In any case sanctions will be imposed. Whether they have a reason today, for example, in connection with events in Ukraine, or there is no such reason – it will be found, because the purpose is different, in this case the objective is to develop Gotta slow down.” of Russia and Belarus,” said the Russian leader.

“To that end, there will always be a reason to impose some illegitimate sanctions, and it is nothing more than unfair competition,” the Russian leader said.

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He stressed that the pressure of sanctions is “absolutely unjustified”.

“It’s a gross violation of international law, but those who are now talking about it (about possible new sanctions) worry about it (international law) only when it’s to their advantage. When it’s not to their advantage, they forget all about the public norms of international law,” Putin said.

He regretted that Moscow and Minsk “lived in such a paradigm for many years, because those in power, [que] Thinking of yourself as the master of today’s life, always interpreting everything in your favor and disregarding the interests of others [países],

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“There is only one way out of this situation – to strengthen itself in the economy and above all, of course, in the economy,” said the head of state.

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economic cooperation and import substitution

Asked who could help Russia and Belarus fight sanctions, the Russian leader said Moscow and Minsk should “help each other in this regard.”

“Well this is our meeting today [com Lukashenko] The purpose,” Putin said, was about economic cooperation.

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Putin did not elaborate on how the two states would counter the sanctions, but he said “there is always a solution.”

The Russian leader also agreed with his Belarusian counterpart’s claim that they cannot block everything.

“I join this assessment,” Putin said.

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He recalled that in the last eight years Russia has done a lot in terms of import substitution. “We did not do everything that we had planned, but in general it can be said that more than 90% of the tasks we set for ourselves,” said the Russian leader.

However, he stressed that “much more remains to be done” in the region to increase the level of economic sovereignty.

Many countries unhappy with sanctions

The Russian leader said today many countries are facing the consequences of sanctions, “even allies of the United States”.

“They just keep their mouth shut, keep quiet, endure. But […] Nobody likes it: they don’t like secondary sanctions and they don’t like the pressure of direct sanctions either,” Putin said.

“Sooner or later, this boil, of course, will burst. But today it is important for us to raise the level of our economic sovereignty and become more capable, modern and give new impetus to the development of modern sectors of the economy. “Heightened Putin.

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