Westinghouse to build 6 nuclear reactors in Poland

Westinghouse to build 6 nuclear reactors in Poland

The project is implemented by Westinghouse Poland’s 200 employees and 10 Polish contractors.

Westinghouse signed memoranda of understanding for the construction of six AP1000 nuclear reactors at ten Polish companies and its headquarters in Gdansk. The agreements concluded also provide the possibility of building nuclear power plants in several countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Inform BusinessWire.

“Westinghouse has a great opportunity to help Poland meet its energy goals through domestic investments in nuclear technology,” said Westinghouse Poland President Miroslav Kowalik. He said his company has about two hundred employees working in Krakow, and they are ready to provide the Polish side with the best technology that will help prevent climate change and meet the power needs of the Polish economy.

Westinghouse indicated that 10 Polish companies, both technical and architectural, as well as manufacturers of steel structures, power generators and industrial cranes, would work on the construction.

Focus previously reported that Energoatom and Westinghouse Electric It was agreed to build five new power units at the Khmelnytsky NPP. The cost of the project is $30 billion.

Westinghouse also announced that he was leaving fuel production in Ukraine for nuclear reactors. The number of Ukrainian reactors supplied with fuel assemblies by a US company is also expected to increase.

it happens in the background Germany is closing half of its nuclear power plants Because of the desire of German politicians to give up nuclear power. At the same time, German coal-fired power plants are shutting down, in line with the country’s total coal-free program by 2038.

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