What are the things to keep in mind while buying a Mercedes Benz car?

What are the things to keep in mind while buying a Mercedes Benz car?

Mercedes Benz vehicles are widely available in the range of used cars. Their models are quite numerous and different, which can sometimes make it difficult to choose what type of car you want to buy. What to expect and which Mercedes Benz models are the most popular?

Why choose Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes-Benz offers a variety of car models – sedan, station wagon, coupe, hatchback, SUV, as well as convertible. Therefore, this type of car can be chosen by a wide variety of customers. The most popular of the Mercedes brand cars are the C-Class models, such as the C200 car model. These cars have many features.

  • elegant design. Most Mercedes Benz cars will have an attractive interior with many different additions. With them you will be able to discover various new features of any car brand.
  • dynamic control. Mercedes are dynamic cars that are quite easy to drive due to their comfortable features. Many models are faster, but this does not affect their easy operation.
  • reliable partner. Many cars of this brand are top in their category. This means that you can go through your day with this car even more dynamically and comfortably. Mercedes is a reliable car that can last a long time.

The attractiveness of the Mercedes Benz car brand is explained by the fact that in 2020 it was declared the most valuable car brand in the world. According to a study by Brand Finance Global 500, the Mercedes brand was valued at $65 billion in 2020, ranking 11th in the world and first among automotive companies. brands. This achievement has been made possible due to the increase in sales and the high quality and innovative sustainability of the brand.

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Which are the most popular car brands from Mercedes?

BRC Autocentrs offers to buy a number of Mercedes Benz used cars, including some of the most popular models – GLK220, GL350 and C200.

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All-wheel drive Mercedes Benz GLK220 is an SUV designed for both families and driving on the roughest roads. These cars can have both automatic and manual transmissions, but will be the first option in most cases. Engine size may vary, but one of the most economical will be a 2.2-liter diesel engine. Complete with on-board computer, navigation, USB input, automatic climate control, leather interior and other extras. When you buy this car from BRC Autocentre, you will also get a two year warranty.

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Bigger SUV than the GLK220. This model is mostly chosen by enterprising people who work in a business environment, or large families who want a beautiful car. This all-wheel drive model is mostly equipped with an automatic transmission, and its engine is larger than the GLK220 – a 3.0-liter diesel engine. This also means higher fuel consumption per 100 kms as compared to the GLK220. The car is equipped with a lot more additional features than the GLK220. Apart from navigation, on-board computer, automatic climate control, leather interior, this car also has extras like a panoramic roof, rain sensor and a built-in garage door operator if you live in a private house and have your own garage car. Also equipped with security and anti-theft devices.

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The C200 is one of the three models described as not just an SUV, but a station wagon. One is equipped with rear-wheel drive, and mostly an automatic transmission, although there may be models of the same type with a manual transmission. Engine size is 2.2 liter diesel engine. This car has the least amount of extra features mentioned in the three. The C200 is equipped with an on-board computer, but not with navigation. This model does not have automatic climate control and does not have any other adjustable additions. The C200 is also equipped with security and anti-theft devices.

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Availability of spare parts and services in Latvia

In Latvia, Mercedes Benz has its own services, where you can easily and qualitatively repair this car. The official dealer of these cars in Latvia is “Domenix”, whose service center carries out maintenance and repair of Mercedes cars in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. If, however, this service offering is not to your liking, there are other major or minor services available that are capable of providing quality repairs to these cars.

or are you interested in buying mercedes benz? If the answer to this question is yes and you are currently looking for a car, then the right place to look for a used or underused car is BRC Autocenter – a company that has been selling vintage cars for over three decades. doing, as well as it’s official mobile de Fellow. Come in and find your next car now!

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