What explains the series of violent tornadoes in America

What explains the series of violent tornadoes in America

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Aerial view of Mayfield: the city was almost completely destroyed

As of Sunday night (12/12), the United States was still searching for survivors and counting the damage caused by a series of tornadoes that struck the country’s southeast on Friday night (10/12). Was.

Considered as one of the worst events associated with these meteorological events recorded in US history, according to the nation’s President Joe Biden, the storm caused destruction in six states.

The hardest hit was Kentucky, which declared a state of emergency. There, at least 80 people died, dozens more in the town of Mayfield, where a candle factory operated at the time of the events – and reduced to a mountain of twisted iron.

As of Sunday, about 40 of the estimated 110 employees at the unit had been rescued. The factory was working extra shifts to handle Christmas orders.

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