What happens now is Donald Trump’s coronavirus? It all depends on how sick he gets …

What happens now is Donald Trump's coronavirus?  It all depends on how sick he gets ...

Trump has become very ill and his health has not improved as the election approaches

Ronald Reagan was assassinated in 1981, so no current president has had to face a fatal situation, so let a health crisis arise near a vote, meaning we will be in an unwanted territory.

The U.S. federal government has a trial system in place when the president becomes incompetent and Mike Pence, the U.S. vice president, takes over.

Under the 25th Amendment, a medically incompetent president can temporarily transfer power to a vice president, as George W. Bush did twice during colonoscopies. Mr. Pence is already running the White House Coronavirus Task Force, so the whole battle to deal with the epidemic will be over.

He knows the policy and key players, as well as the experience of handling the executive for four years as governor of Indiana. This would have avoided the situation in Britain when Boris Johnson was under strict surveillance and, critics said, there was a lack of clarity on who was responsible and how they would be put in the way of the Covid-19 plan.

Will Mr. Pence take a different approach to the epidemic? He is certainly less wild in eliminating the risk of coronavirus. Could there be other policy changes? How much tension will increase with China? On the political side, the effects will be innumerable.

There has already been a lot of loose talk and speculation about whether Mr. Trump’s name on the ballot will change. If Mr. Trump is incapable – or worse – because voters are going to run for president on November 3, will there be a point when his name can be changed?

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Mr. Pence, again, would be the person who was definitely selected if he was about a serious situation. But changing the ballot would be a bureaucratic dream.

In many states, people are already voting. Millions of postal ballots have already been sent out in all likelihood, given the high turnout. In this case, again, the demand for election delay will increase. And they may have more qualifications.

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