What is Alexa? Check the functions of the personal assistant

What is Alexa?  Check the functions of the personal assistant

You must have heard of Alexa, right? The name refers to Amazon’s virtual assistant, which landed in Brazil in October 2019. Programmed for our language, he is able to understand what is asked and perform simple tasks.

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Its activities include, for example, setting alarms, talking about the weather forecast, or playing playlists. In addition, Alexa can interact with other smart devices such as smart TVs, refrigerators, smart lamps, remote controls, and switches.

Plus, Alexa is compatible with many of the most popular apps like Spotify, Uber, Samsung SmartThings, Positivo Smart Home, and even iFood! The list could get even longer as more apps develop skills that can be activated with Alexa. Plus, the assistant works with Android, Windows 10, and iPhone.

The personal assistant can currently be found in four Amazon lines: the Echo Dot, which is the most popular, available in the third and fourth generations; Echo, in its fourth generation; echo studio; and Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8 and New Echo Show 10.

Check out Alexa devices below:

Echo Dot (3rd generation)

The Echo Dot (3rd generation) is one of Amazon’s most successful devices. You can request music, news, information etc. Simultaneously call friends and family and control compatible smart home devices with your voice.

New Echo Dot (4th Generation)

With similar functions to the third generation, the new model features a new audio design with front steering (1 1.6 speakers) that ensures more bass and fuller sound.

Echo (4th generation)

New Look, New Sound Even Better: The Echo delivers high treble, dynamic midrange and deep bass that ensure high-quality sound suited to your room.

echo studio

Echo Studio produces immersive three-dimensional sound output with studio-quality audio in all directions. Simply ask Alexa to play a song, artist or genre and notice details like never heard before. Plus, use your voice to check the weather, set alarms, and control compatible smart home devices.

echo show 5

With Alexa Picture and Sound Content: The 5.5″ compact smart screen is ready to help organize your day, provide fun, and connect you with your friends and family.

echo show 8

See and do more with Alexa: 8″ HD screen and stereo sound ready to organize your day, provide entertainment, and help you connect with your friends and family.

new echo show 10

Designed to move with you: With the 10.1″ HD display that plays automatically, video calls, recipes and movies and series are always in sight. The speakers deliver premium, high-quality directional sound.

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