What item is this? New discovery on Mars surprised NASA

The US space agency NASA last week published an unusual record made by the Perseverance robot on the surface Mars planet, In the click, we can just see a sheet of aluminum foil buried between some rocks.

According to company experts, the material is probably part of a thermal blanket, which was used as protection for the firmament, as it prepared to hit the ground. The planet Neighbour

According to NASA employees, the most curious thing about this record is that the sheet of aluminum foil was found in the area from where the robot made its landing.

The interesting question was with NASA’s publication of the picture on social media: “This piece landed here after [do impacto] Or was it carried away by the wind?” Actually the answer to this question is simple.

the atmosphere of red Planet It is very dilute and is basically composed of argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and very small amounts of oxygen. During the famous sandstorm, the winds there can be very strong, reaching speeds of over 90 km/h! have you thought?

Probably the piece of aluminum got washed away during the storm.

Mars Exploration Program

The Persistence robot had landed on Mars sometime back, in February 2022, specifically on Jezero CraterA part of the Red Planet, which a few billion years ago, was a very large lake.

The Persistence shipment is part of the Mars Exploration Program, one of NASA’s beloved ones. The hope is that the robot can collect data and give us clear answers about the formation of the planet and, of course, its physical and geological aspects.

One of the big speculations about Mars relates to the potential that our neighbor once had to host life. Was the Red Planet ever closer to Earth than it is today?

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