What to do about cell phone battery so that it does not discharge so quickly. Tricks to Optimize Smartphone Battery | Android | Android iOS | answer

What to do about cell phone battery so that it does not discharge so quickly.  Tricks to Optimize Smartphone Battery |  Android |  Android iOS |  answer

It has happened to all of them at one time or another. you skipped loading your For a decent amount of time, but within a few hours the battery drained considerably. What should you do to avoid these situations? We give you a series of tips so that you no longer suffer from this problem with your battery .

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1. Delete Apps in the Background

One of the most common situations is that we install different apps on our cell phones in the background, which leads to high battery consumption, even when you are not using your mobile device.

Once you run an app, it will remain open in the background until you close it in your menu or through the menu options on your phone. This aspect is important, because the more apps you have open, the less time your cell phone’s battery will last.

2. Adjust Screen Brightness

The screen is one of the elements that consumes the most energy in your cell phone, so it is important that you find a balance between a right degree of autonomy and a good level of content to appreciate. To reduce this, you need to go to the “Settings” or “Settings” section on your device and then turn it to medium in the “Screen and brightness” option.

There are other tricks such as dimming the screen brightness, disabling bluetooth and wifi, among others. (Getty Images)

3. Turn off Vibration

Undoubtedly, one aspect that many people do not pay attention to is controlling the vibration level of your cell phone. However, it does consume battery, so it is advisable to enable it only on strictly necessary occasions. Try disabling vibration with calls or notifications.

4. Turn off Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and GPS

These sections are often neglected and are considered the “eaters” of cell phone batteries. So, if you want to further customize your finish, try deactivating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or NFC if you’re not using them. To do this, you can do it from the menu of your device.

5. Decrease Notifications

For many people, notifications are necessary to be constantly aware of what is happening on social networks. However, one suggestion is to disable this option so that you can save battery throughout the day except in urgent cases.

6. Activate Power Saving Mode

If your mobile device has this configuration, then try to make the most of it, as it will help in extending the life of your mobile. To activate it, go to Settings > Battery Management and configure it as you like.

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