What to Do If Your Tech Classes Give Obsolete Knowledge?

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In the digital age, we’re all looking forward to starting tech classes. Finally, you are going to deal with something current, something modern. Something that will impact your future. It’s hard to imagine the level of disappointment when you realize that the knowledge you get from your tech classes is obsolete.

Tech Degrees Are Becoming Obsolete

If, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opinion that a tech degree is required to join the IT industry was common, things drastically changed with the arrival of the novel coronavirus. The shortage of talent in the IT segment was tangible. The shortage of talents with a degree was even more noticeable. Which made a lot of tech companies change their hiring priorities.

  • 67% of tech employers are willing to give up college requirements for their positions
  • 98% of software companies’ vacancies don’t have a degree requirement
  • 100% of participants of the Spiceworks’ 2022 survey prefer skills to a degree
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That information alone may make you want to drop out of college if you consider a career in the IT industry. But the final decision hasn’t been made. The diploma may still be important if you want to occupy higher positions. Still, why are skills more significant than your diploma, and where to get them?

Skills Are More Important

Regardless of the segment, the degree requirement in the vacancies is increasing and decreasing from one year to another. Still, most employers agree on the fact that a bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean that the candidate has the necessary skills. And it’s more obvious in the IT segment, than in other ones.

Based on the Indeed survey conducted in 2022, around 30% of employers believe that hunting for candidates with a degree excludes capable ones with great skills. And if you check the history of the IT industry, you can clearly see that it was developed by people who were constantly experimenting, and it has never been degree-based.

To become a skilled worker, you need experience. Mostly, you get the experience while working. Yes, a college education does provide you with certain skills, but they are limited and, generally, one step behind the industry. You’re learning the basics of a programming language, which may no longer be in use when you graduate.

Why Is Tech Knowledge Dated?

You might be wondering why education is always one step behind the industry. The point is that education has an impossible task — to turn present kids into the adults of tomorrow. It works perfectly when it comes to theoretical knowledge, philosophy, and general upbringing, which can give you ideas on how things will change within the next few years. Emphasis on theoretical.

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When it comes to practical aspects, it’s better suited for a subject that doesn’t change that rapidly, such as information technology. You can have a fresh idea of how Hamlet can be understood in the present day and cover it in your essay. Or you can order essay that would convey the good old ideas that you can generally find in literary books. You will get good grades regardless of your choice, and it won’t impact the source material.

But wasting time on learning Pascal, which is becoming obsolete, is useless. It’s better to focus on old programming languages that still remain popular — Python and JavaScript — or learn Elixir. The former will make you a suitable candidate for any software development position, while the latter will turn you into a hot property for IT recruiters in 2023.

What To Do?

So, how to handle the situation? Drop out of college and focus on learning the programming languages of tomorrow? But, hey, what if you want to get a higher position in the future, and the absence of a diploma will prevent you from achieving that goal? The answer is simpler than you think. You can continue getting your degree, but that doesn’t mean that you should rely on a college education only.

There are various platforms that allow learning programming languages. Some of them offer a chance to create pet projects and get comments and advice from experienced developers. Try CodeAcademy, Free Code Camp, and CodeWars. And you don’t have to abandon your college education to learn something else.

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This gives you more flexibility in the future. You have the degree and necessary skills to get hired. Learn the basics in the class, and get a deeper understanding of things using various online platforms that frequently offer free courses.

Final Thoughts

Of course, you can sign petitions that call for the educational system to be up-to-date with modern trends and demands. But that means changing the program on a yearly, if not monthly, basis, which is almost impossible. So, while the educational system is adapting to the challenges of tomorrow, numerous platforms will help you to take care of your future.

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