What to expect from Square Enix?

What to expect from Square Enix?

Following the tradition of previous years, square Enix will give a presentation on E3 2021. Considering the company’s most recent announcements, it is highly likely that we will see information about last dream I Dragon Quest, but nothing prevents other series from appearing as well.

The report states that A new Final Fantasy set in the universe of the first game in the series is being developed by studio Team Ninja., who is responsible for the series nioh I Ninja Gaiden (Except for Final Fantasy Dissidia NT).

For now, Square Enix has not made an official announcement and therefore has no images, information or release forecasts about the supposed new Final Fantasy. E3 seems like the ideal place to reveal the existence of the project.

Of course, Square is also expected to share information about games whose existence is no longer a secret. Final Fantasy XVI still without launch window And more gameplay information would be welcome – or even a new story trailer.

Although we don’t hear much about it, there’s another Final Fantasy project that runs without new information: Final Fantasy VII Remake. The second part of the game wasn’t even announced, but maybe Square Enix was waiting for the event to make a big reveal…or not.

Speaking of ads related to games that already exist, it’s also likely that ads for Outriders’ new content are among the highlights. After all, the company has already said that it sees the potential for it to become their next big franchise.

Another hugely famous series from Square that deserves attention during E3 is Dragon Quest. with the recent announcement of Treasure, flames of fate, Remake Do III I x offline, it is natural that new gameplay videos, release previews or other content of the genre are released.

When we think of Square Enix it’s almost inevitable to talk about a long-running series. In fact, the company has already made clear its desire to revive some classic franchises. So can we expect such a thing?

Actually, from the most recent series of the company, it is important to note that Life is Strange: True Colors It’s on the way. Although a lot is already known about it, nothing prevents the release of the famous latest trailer or gameplay preview.

At the time of publication of this article, the Square Enix conference has not yet revealed when the conference will take place at E3 2021. We will update the text as soon as the date and time is known.

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