WhatsApp announced a tool that can aggregate groups of thousands of people in Brazil, but only after the election. technology

WhatsApp announced a tool that can aggregate groups of thousands of people in Brazil, but only after the election.  technology

WhatsApp Announced this Thursday (14) a new community tool. The novelty allows different groups to converge in one shared space, with the ability to send notices to thousands of people at the same time. WhatsApp Communities will be tested globally, but should reach Brazil only after the 2022 elections, according to the company.

in February, App closed a deal How Superior Electoral Court(TSE) to counter propaganda during the 2022 election process. CEO of WhatsAppWill Carcart pledges not to implement any significant product changes in Brazil ahead of election,

Dario Durigan, Public Policy Manager WhatsApp In Brazil, believes that the decision to postpone the launch of the feature in the country strengthens this app’s alliance with TSE.

“It is a precautionary measure so that there is no noise in an election year, a complicated year”, explains Durigan.

Currently, a group in WhatsApp It can have up to 256 members – unlike Telegram, the app’s main competitor, which allows groups with thousands of users.

WhatsApp explains that the focus of the community tool is to serve small groups with similar interests, such as schools, members of religious congregations, residents of the same condominium, or even companies.

The app will also give administrators more power, who will be able to send notices to all community participants and control which groups and users can be added.

Brazil reaches ‘reform package’

In the coming weeks, Brazilian users WhatsApp should receive a series of improvements, The messaging application will allow its users to reply to messages from their contacts with emoji and send up to 2GB of videos to their contacts, among other news.

These features will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks. Around the world including Brazil.

The news are as follows:

reactions: Like what happens on Facebook, you can react to conversations, only with emoji (see picture below).

New WhatsApp features will arrive in the coming weeks – Photo: Disclosure

sharing: Another improvement is an increase in the size of files that can be shared through the application. Users will be able to send documents, photos, videos up to 2 GB to their contacts.

WhatsApp allows voice calls for up to 32 people – Photo: Disclosure

Make group calls up to 32 people: Till then, the limit was 8 participants. The company recently announced Other news to facilitate the exchange of voice messages Feather WhatsAppLike the option to listen to messages outside the chat window and to speed up the speed and audio.

Admin can delete message in group: They will be able to delete incorrect or problematic messages from any member in the conversation.

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