Study indicates Xbox Live suffers more network outages than PSN •

Study indicates Xbox Live suffers more network outages than PSN •

There are steams on both of them.

We’ve all been through it: wanting to visit a website, stream a movie or play an online game and find that your system is faulty, and you have to wait until the problem is fixed.

hey tool tester It then compiled the sites that recorded the most breaks during the previous year in the United States and the United Kingdom. Data was collected from the website, analyzing the number of outages per month over the past 12 months at each site (as of June 25, 2021). The three most common problems were also analysed, a process repeated in the US and UK to compare the two countries.

As expected, the lists feature a number of sites from the worlds of social networking, entertainment, banking and of course gaming, with Xbox, PSN and Steam making their presence felt on both lists.

For US data, Xbox Live was ranked 6th, with 63 service crashes throughout the year. In turn, PSN was ranked 9th with 49 interruptions. Above both is Steam, in second place, with 99 breaks. You can see the complete table below:

For British data, Xbox Live is once again above PSN (ranking 7th and 9th respectively, with 102 Xbox crashes against 90 on PlayStation); Steam, in turn, was in fourth place with 177 service interruptions. You can see the table for the UK below:


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