How To Take WhatsApp Online: See 6 Tricks

How To Take WhatsApp Online: See 6 Tricks

It cannot be denied that exchange of messages, audio and video by WhatsApp Helped in communication between people, making dialogues, at times, instantaneous. But with all the spontaneity and agility discussed were user controls and the need to “always be available”.

When the application is installed on the device cell phone or accessed via the web, its default is that every time the user accesses it, his or her contacts see a prompt in the conversation window that you are online (availability appears just below the contact’s name). So far, the company that made it Application Haven’t provided the option to hide it yet – you can just take “Last seen”.

The complaints from users revolve around that even if you are online on the platform, it does not mean that you are available and you have time to chat.

However, the desire to not always appear available to users has led to a number of tools, applications and extensions appearing in an attempt to bring more privacy to the user – none of them are recommended by WhatsApp.

nat Separated a list of six ways to make your WhatsApp not available “online”. Eye:


One of the simplest options for not appearing online on WhatsApp is to directly select notifications and replies via a shortcut; That is, if you are able to reply to messages using the fields available in notifications, you will not have to open the application and, as a result, your “online” status will not be visible to other contacts.

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To use this shortcut on an Android phone, you can go to WhatsApp’s “Settings” menu and select “Notifications.” Then simply enable the option “High priority notifications”. Thus, received messages will appear at the top of the screen and you will be able to reply to them in the same box, without having to enter the app.

Feather iPhone, the same setting is available in the “Notifications” menu, where you select “In-app notifications”. Thus, it is possible to opt for banners or alerts which allows to read and reply to messages without opening WhatsApp.

airplane mode

Another very simple way to not appear on WhatsApp with your online status when you reply to a message is to activate Airplane Mode on your mobile device. With this option, the user disables the device’s Internet usage.

In addition to not receiving new messages, the app is offline and cannot identify your usage or if you are currently connected – even with WhatsApp open, your status is invisible to your contacts Is. After reading and replying to the message (if you wish) simply turn off your smartphone’s Airplane Mode, so you can go back to using the Internet normally and no one will notice that you have WhatsApp is open.

Google Chrome

For those who use the web version of WhatsApp Google Chrome has a setting that removes a user’s online status.

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp is available for download from the Google Chrome Web Store. While installing, the tool will provide you with a “Hide Online” option and all you have to do is select it so that your “Online” status is no longer visible to your contacts – there is also an option to hide “Typing”.

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In addition to “hide”, it is also possible to make other changes through the tool such as: blurring the messages on the screen to ensure privacy and recover deleted messages.

flychat app

Download the app for those who have Android flychat There is an option to hide whatsapp online status. When you install the app, it automatically links to other messaging apps and displays chat bubble notifications on your smartphone screen, as is the case on a Facebook Courier.

With this, there is no need to open the app to reply to messages and hence your contacts do not know when you are online.

Another plus point of FlyChat is that with Bubbles you can read and reply to messages without having to close the other apps you are currently using. But there’s a catch: WhatsApp never recommends using external apps.

unseen app

Another application that allows the user to reply to messages without showing them “online” in their status: imperceptible, It also has the option of replying to notifications directly, but it allows you to reply directly on the screen of a messaging app like WhatsApp.

When opening the app for the first time, Unseen will display some message telling you that it works in various chat apps, click “Next” to complete its configuration. On the last screen, tap on “Give Authorization”.

After this procedure, the phone will open the “Access to Notifications” screen in “Settings”. Go to Ignore and tap on “Allow”. After this quick configuration, when you receive a message on WhatsApp, you will have access to it in Unseen, this way you can guarantee the privacy of your status being displayed to other users.

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The same caveat applies here: WhatsApp never recommends using external apps.

WA bubble for chat

Another option for your WhatsApp contacts to not appear “online” is using WA bubble for chatWhich allows you to send messages even without opening WhatsApp.

To use it, you only need to issue permissions to access notifications and screen overlays.

Then click on WA Bubble for Chat icon to open drop down icon on screen. Select this to access conversations and submit your responses.

Warning again: The use of external applications is not recommended by WhatsApp.

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