WhatsApp beta: an almost multi-device way to be independent on the web

WhatsApp beta: an almost multi-device way to be independent on the web

Update (03/22/2021) – J.S.

WhatsApp is getting many opportunities for beta users to try new features. However, according to WABetaInfo, the company will open a specific program for those wishing to use multi-device mode, where it is possible to connect to more than one device at the same time.

In addition, the web version will also receive a new feature in the beta version, where the possibility of connecting to the desktop independently of this option will be implemented, thus not necessarily keeping the phone nearby and connected to the Internet To messenger. Use.

This new beta version will be released for Android and iOS users, but it should be kept in mind that some features may not work as expected immediately, with some updates for adjustments until the stable version is released Needs to be sent. With the update, something that is not expected to happen yet.

Original text – 05/01/2021

Another compilation of WhatsApp tests has just landed on the Google Play Store. What are we talking about Version 2.21.111 Messenger, which, in addition to updating its terms of service for some users, even when they need approval, gives us a preview of what we can expect for multi-device mode.

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The new terms date back to February 8, 2021, and when accepted, they clearly do not change the experience of use at all. All conversations are encrypted from end to end.

At the very least, the new version of WhatsApp has given us even more clues about the exciting multi-device feature that lets you use the app on more than one device at the same time without the need to connect to a cell phone will allow. Set up that account.

According to information provided by WABetaInfo, it could be that the feature (which is not available right now) will be released soon in a new compilation of Messenger tests, however, there is still no forecast for this to happen.

When this feature is available in the testing phase, users will be able to enterprise and test it using an option located in Settings. Maybe this public beta will also be extended to the WhatsApp web, allowing everyone to react to the new usage experience.

Remember that the most beloved messenger in Brazil Broke the record for calls during the new year in 2020, Strengthening its preference for use in our country.

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