WhatsApp comes multi-device: How to try it out in beta

WhatsApp comes multi-device: How to try it out in beta

WhatsApp finally activated multi-device support In beta version Per Android I iOS. The function comes at the end of a long gestational period and can be first tested by users who participate in test program. some are Limitations Bear in mind, as the function will still be the subject of a development process, and is available for a small number of users, but the project is now entering a more mature stage.

What’s involved should be clear by now, given that we’ve been talking about it for months, but the official note clears up any areas of misunderstanding:

With the multi-device beta, you can use WhatsApp on up to four connected complementary devices at the same time, without having to connect your phone.

In fact, by activating multi-device support, you can use the functions of the popular platform su functions WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal without using a smartphone connected to the Internet.

Operation and Limitations of Beta

The test program allows you to use a New version of WhatsApp Web, Desktop or Portal To try out multi-device support beforehand. Participants will be able to use additional devices without having to connect the smartphone to the Internet. Messages, multimedia files and calls will always be protected by end-to-end encryption.

First multi-device beta still has limitations, especially the following functions are not supported:

  • Real-time status display in additional devices;
  • Block at the top of the chat on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop;
  • Accept, view and restore group invitations from WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop. To use these functions, you must use your smartphone;
  • sending messages or calls from a connected device if the recipients use an older version of WhatsApp on their smartphone;
  • Calls on devices connected to the Portal or WhatsApp Desktop that are not using multi-device beta;
  • Other WhatsApp accounts on the portal will not work unless they are using the multi-device beta version;
  • WhatsApp Business users cannot change the name or label of WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop Business

Who Can Try Multi-Device Beta

This time Only two categories of users can try out the multi-device beta:

  • WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business beta users are using the latest WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS
  • Users of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business applications in some countries. However, the multi-device beta will be rolled out globally later.

How to attend (and leave) the exam schedule?

is a precondition Update to the latest version of WhatsApp Beta, available for Android and iOS. It should be noted that the ceremony is currently being delivered and not necessarily all participants in the test program will see it immediately. To find out if the function is already active on your account, and could possibly participate in the beta, simply locate“Multi-device beta version” option In app settings.

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greater detail steps to be taken:

  • your android:
    • Open WhatsApp > Other Options (three dots symbol)
    • Select connected device
    • Select Multi-Device Beta Version
    • Select Join Beta Version
  • your iphone:
    • go to whatsapp settings
    • Select connected device
    • Select Multi-Device Beta Version
    • Select Join Beta Version

Leaving the trial program is as simple as that: just follow the same steps and select “Leave Beta” which will appear in the Multi-Device Beta section.

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