WhatsApp introduces a “new feature” that ends the suffering of millions

WhatsApp introduces a "new feature" that ends the suffering of millions

The developers of the instant communication application “WhatsApp” are putting the final touches on a new technology that allows the transfer of conversation history between users of “Android” and “iOS” phones, noting that it was previously completely was not available from

Wabetainfo reported that WhatsApp recently sent out a new update during its beta program.

The new update includes the ability to transfer WhatsApp users’ conversations between Android phones, such as Google phones, and iOS phones, ie iPhones.

In the previous update, which was released last year, users could only transfer conversation records from “Android” to “iOS” and specifically from “Samsung” and “Google” phones, but in the new update, the case is available in both. is instructions.

And it appears in the beta version, that “WhatsApp” asks users for permission to import conversations from another phone that works on a different system, and the process can be done via a cable or via a nearby “Wi-Fi”. likely to be done through ,

As per the available information, users will be asked to keep both the programs open and both the phones unlocked during the transfer process.

The current service is not available on the public version of WhatsApp, and when it will be launched is not known, but it is expected that it will happen soon.

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