WhatsApp launches function allowing backup between iOS and Android

WhatsApp launches function allowing backup between iOS and Android

There are messages on WhatsApp that cannot be lost at all, so backup is daily. However, it used to be difficult to forward the contents of an entire chat to another device. Realizing that this feature is needed to use business accounts, Meta updated the system.

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Due to some differences between iOS and Android, direct history could not be carried forward. Now that has changed, anyone who is switching devices and wants to transfer media from one profile to another can do so automatically through the setting.

How to Transfer Messages from Android Phone to Apple Device

The change first occurred on Samsung devices 1 year ago until new tests were done, releasing the tool on cell phones of other brands. Simply open the contact you want to play for another account and click “Export” and the options appear.

First the backup has to be encrypted and Bluetooth has to be turned on to complete the process. Only the Android i5 and iOS 15.5 versions were updated with these changes. Therefore, not all smartphones transfer the complete message history from one system to another.

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