WhatsApp launches new function for couples

WhatsApp launches new function for couples

hey WhatsApp With an aim to further strengthen the love relationship is going to launch a new feature in its app. The emoji pack update will address new options for messaging app users.

As of now, the application does not have emoji with color representation, which was highly questioned by the users of Messenger. thinking about it, WhatsApp Created new figures with representations of couples with different skin tones.

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The goal is for couples to identify with emoji even more and that they are able to express themselves even from a distance, further cementing the relationship.

When will the new role be released?

according to website WABetaInfoThe new function is still in the testing phase and as of now, is restricted to WhatsApp beta users.

However, it is expected that once the testing phase is over and all the improvements are made, the new emoji will soon be released to all users of the app.

cloning via whatsapp fake instagram account

The continuous advancement of technology brings many positive and negative points. As the unpleasant part of the matter, criminals take advantage of new features to more easily implement their scams.

We often see in information portals, parallel conversations on the streets and other environments that someone has fallen into a scam through a social network. The indices only grow and worry the population even more.

whatsapp fake instagram profile

This is one of the latest features strategically created by cybercriminals. Action has been initiated with fake profiles on the Instagram platform. On that occasion, the scammer interacts with the victim through social networks and offers him something very lucrative.

However, in order to “take” this offer, it is necessary for the citizen to notify certain personal data, such as full name and telephone number. The criminals then send a code via SMS to confirm the contact.

With this the person becomes the victim at this point. The code sent via SMS is nothing more than the activation code of WhatsApp. The action allows the perpetrator to gain access to the Messenger’s account through another device. In this sense, if you have not enabled two-step authentication, the account will be hacked.

How to avoid such scams?

WhatsApp as well as Instagram provide ways to consolidate the insured on the platform. In addition to the possibility of being able to report an account impersonating a person or establishment on the social network, Messenger allows a user to enable two-step authentication.

In addition, Instagram recommends that users beware of offers whose prices are much lower than what is charged in the marketplace. “Companies rarely have private profiles that you need authorization to follow,” he explained. It is also possible to look for a verification seal to provide greater security when exchanging data with any account on the platform.

Still, according to the ESET expert, the first step is to always be “ware of any passive approach, i.e. that you haven’t made a direct request that will ask for your data, a potential scam,” he said. . In this situation, it is safest to decline the offer, avoid contact, and report the allegedly wrong profile.

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