WhatsApp launches new tool in partnership with iPhone and Android

WhatsApp launches new tool in partnership with iPhone and Android
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Hey WhatsApp Android is testing an older one to allow the migration of messages between the operating system (iOS) and iOS (iPhone).

This Tuesday (5), site WABetaInfo Obtained a screen capture in which it provides more details of this new device.

The central idea is that the app notifies the user when they try to link a device to a different operating system with their WhatsApp account.

In this sense, the screen will ask you to update the app to the latest version available, to avoid system compatibility errors.

Nowadays, everyone knows that the migration of messages from WhatsApp is a constant problem for those who use the app.

WhatsApp and iPhone and Android: What is the bright side of this news?

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In that case, the news about the new WhatsApp feature is really exciting for users of both systems.

According to WABetaInfo, the new feature will be bilateral, that is, it will be possible to transfer backups of conversations from Android to iPhone and vice versa.

Currently, each system stores WhatsApp backups on different cloud storage services, respectively: Google Drive, on Android, and iCloud, on iOS.

However, WABetaInfonão has not provided information on when this option will be available. It was only mentioned that its presence would be in “future updates” of WhatsApp.

Anyway, the company has no launch date yet.

Is there a risk of going wrong?

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First of all, it is important to say that this new WhatsApp update, if it happens, will come out as a measure to control the loss of users.

Recently, WhatsApp is losing its strength to competing apps like Telegram and Signal.

In this sense, both already allow the migration of history if the operating system changes.

On the other hand, none of them are recognized by the company.

According to their terms of use, it is prohibited to use these pirated apps, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and others, which carry the total risk of account restrictions.

It is understood that these apps are modifications of WhatsApp and may result in loss of security and privacy.

Meanwhile, according to information from the WABetaInfo website, WhatsApp is testing a way to transfer messages between the iPhone and Android without any major problems.

How will it be done?

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Support for transferring messages between iPhone and Android appeared in a recent beta version of the iOS app. WhatsApp is targeting this.

However, it is not yet confirmed when this option will be officially available on WhatsApp.

Another important detail is that not all users of the beta version will see the option to transfer messages.

Provisively, it will only be visible to a limited number of users.

Android smartphone users interested in testing the new features of WhatsApp beta are required to register for the Google Play beta program and then the option “BECOME A TESTER”.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the number of vacancies is limited and everyone who clicks the link will see the option in question.

Another important point is that beta versions can be very unstable and also present some problems during use.

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Furthermore, WhatsApp still tries to work on the facility of accessing the same account on multiple devices simultaneously.

On the same day, some specialized websites also reported that the application is preparing a solution so that it is possible to chat from one system to another.

Therefore, in addition to integrating exchanged messages in Android and iOS (iPhone) applications, the novelty will allow the use of WhatsApp Web without relying on an Internet connection on cell phones.

So far, there is no forecast for the launch of the new device in production.

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