How VRR can improve the console experience

How VRR can improve the console experience

Sony said Prepare Updates for PS5 Where the variable refresh rate will become part of the console system. But ultimately, as VRR Does it work and why is it so waited upon by owners of the next generation of consoles?

team of MyPS This feature is designed to show how the feature will work to make gameplay more fluid on TVs and monitors with HDMI 2.1 inputs. In addition to a more stable frame rate, the resolution will maintain a higher quality standard.

The expectation is huge, and the reasons are very clear:

First, HDMI 2.1

The PS5 comes with an HDMI 2.1 cable in its box, and that makes the experience even more satisfying on devices that support the Essential Input. With it, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 48GB p/s bandwidth — PS4 cable 18GB p/s . delivered
  • Support 4K/120FPS and 8K/60FPS resolutions with Dynamic HDR;
  • Less input lag due to ALLM mode (auto low latency mode);
  • compatibility with VRR (Variable Refresh Rate);

In short, TVs and monitors with HDMI 2.1 can provide more data transfer. In gameplay, this low latency combined with the higher FPS rate of next-generation consoles makes gameplay more fluid.

PS5 highlights

PS5 VRR will be available when the video game is connected to devices with the features described above. Thus, FPS and screen frequency will interact more quickly in processing, avoiding screen bursts and other graphical problems when the pair is not in resonance.

What is VRR?

VRR is a technology capable of synchronizing the frame rate delivered by the console – in this case, the PS5 – with the refresh rate of the screen where the video game is displayed. This way, each pixel of the TV or monitor will be displayed in a coordinated manner, avoiding the appearance of artifacts on the screen.

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The most common case is screen tearing. A basic example: Your game runs at 120 FPS but your device only rates at 60 Hz. Not all information will be processed as it should and may reach the TV sooner or faster.

When this happens, the images look like this:

This is similar to the VSync/FreeSync technologies of current video cards. Compare:

Like the buffer mentioned in the video above, the PS5 and TV will start “speaking the same language.” Positive results will be seen in different ways with the performance of VRR:

  • Commands will take effect faster once sent from DualSense;
  • In addition to having dynamic resolution, images will have higher and more stable frame rates, making game performance more fluid and smoother;
  • This affects online games with competitive mode as your reaction time will not be affected by the input lag;
  • Graphic issues like screen tearing and appearance of artifacts will be resolved mainly due to sudden drop in FPS during gameplay;
  • Improved HDR mapping while offering more contrast in images. Thus, a dark or bright environment will be more balanced when shown on a TV or monitor;

How did Sony describe using VRR on PS5?

PS5 was released in 2020 and many gamers thought that VRR would already be part of the console. That didn’t happen, but as the article noted above, video games entered the queue to receive the function after the features arrived on Sony TVs.

The Japanese giant has given some clarifications on how it will be implemented on consoles. check out:

  • VRR on compatible TVs and monitors will dynamically sync the screen’s refresh rate with the PS5’s graphics output;
  • VRR will provide better visuals in PS5 games, eliminating artifacts, frame rate and screen tearing issues.
  • Previously released PS5 games can be customized via a patch to take advantage of VRR, and future games will likely come with the technology at launch;
  • The console’s VRR will make non-VRR compatible games even better. If you have problems, turn off technology in the game’s menu.
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According to Hideki Nishino, the company’s senior vice president, “Gameplay is smooth on many PS5 titles as scenes are rendered quickly, graphics appear sharp, and input lag is reduced. ,, Now we have to wait for the update to enjoy the benefits.

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