WhatsApp tests new function that could bring many risks

WhatsApp tests new function that could bring many risks

WhatsApp has about 150 million active accounts in Brazil, making it the main and most popular digital messenger. A good part of the success of the app is that it is always updated and meets the various demands of the public. However, an update in development may bring risks to users.

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At least that’s what many people believe after coming into contact with the information released by WhatsApp’s exclusive website WABetaInfo. In fact, this portal brings information about everything that is being developed and tested in the beta version of Messenger. Several new features and tools were revealed by the site, including:

What is the dangerous news of WhatsApp?

Imagine someone takes your cell phone with bad intentions, enters your WhatsApp messages and starts editing what was written there. This is a hypothetical and impossible situation at the moment, but it may become a reality in the near future.

According to the information released, the new feature is characterized by the presence of a new “Edit” button in Messenger. When selecting a message sent by the user, it will be possible to copy or edit what was written.

What are the dangers?

In addition to putting someone else at risk to change what you wrote, this type of editing can be used to create evidence or speeches that were never sent. In other words, the problem would be huge for those who neglected their device. Basically, it will be as if WhatsApp messages have become almost irrelevant and untrustworthy.

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As of now, WhatsApp has not provided any official information on this matter or what is the reason for this edit button within the code. The solution would be to wait until this update is actually released to understand what your application will look like.

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