WhatsApp users need to be careful: Bad malware messages are circulating – this is how you protect yourself

WhatsApp users need to be careful: Bad malware messages are circulating – this is how you protect yourself

WhatsApp users are once again on the target of fraudsters. With a new scam, they want to bring online all those Messenger users who have long wanted a new look for WhatsApp. Because the supposedly “WhatsApp Blue” app will ensure that Messenger glows blue. But once the application is installed, the damage is done.

like users on reddit Reports, links are mainly sent to users through WhatsApp itself. Then new designs are advertised in them. If a user clicks on the link “blue.whatsapp.top” and installs it apk file The malware gets behind this on the smartphone. In many cases, fraudsters encrypt data such as photos or videos and demand a ransom from WhatsApp users for activation.

The account is also in danger. Because links to malware are sent to other users through your WhatsApp.

Simple trick: This is how WhatsApp actually appears in pink on your mobile phone

WhatsApp Scams: How To Protect Yourself From Scams

A dangerous malware message is re-circulating on WhatsApp.


The first step in security is also the most important: Never click on any suspicious links in WhatsApp. Even if it’s from friends. Malicious programs often disguise themselves and broadcasters are not even aware of malicious messages. If in doubt, ask your contact if the link is genuine and what is hidden behind it.

If you’re still skeptical of the latter, a quick Google search for the promised content behind the link is often enough to expose the fraudsters.

If the damage is already done and you have WhatsApp Pink installed on your smartphone, delete the app immediately. then disconnect your device from all WhatsApp web connections, for example with your PC. then clear the cache Your smartphone browser Read more Show app access rights in menu. If you see strange apps here or still find WhatsApp pink, then block access.

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