WhatsApp web slow? Understand complaints after upgrade. social media

WhatsApp web slow?  Understand complaints after upgrade.  social media

WhatsApp The web is once again experiencing slow downloads and uploads. The problem often occurs when Desktop Messenger was given the ability to Allow cell phone access to disconnected messages, in February. This Thursday (5), the word “WhatsApp Ended up in Trending Topics for “Web” Twitter, where users reported multiple service failures. The same it happened last weekWhen Messenger received an update that aimed to fix a bug caused by the version it was released in February, but instead caused dissatisfaction.

tectudo contacted WhatsApp To understand what could be causing the bug and if there was a solution for it. In response, the company sent out the same note it issued last week, saying it is “already working on improvements so that the experience will return to normal across all connected devices” (read full details at the end of the article) .

WhatsApp Web sluggish after the update; Understanding – Photo: Getty Images

Other users also can’t open WhatsApp Web. according to profile Twitter @likeapri__, the “Downloading Message” screen displayed when starting the service in the browser only took 20 minutes to reach 20% load.

as it happened in last day 25 updateUsers asked to revert to the older version, which is faster and more stable than the update that supported the update WhatsApp The web is off with the smartphone. However, it is important to note that failure is not widespread; After updating the platform this Thursday (5th), some users did not face difficulties in accessing Messenger or synchronizing conversation history.

Read the official notification of WhatsApp Sent to tectudo:

“The WhatsApp Implementing new features in the version of WhatsApp Web and Desktop. With this update, it will be possible to connect WhatsApp On up to four linked devices at the same time, without the need for the phone to be online. Each of these devices will connect WhatsApp Freely, while maintaining the same level of privacy and security that people have come to expect from an application backed by end-to-end encryption. These changes started rolling out to users in January, and will apply to all users iOS For users in March and Android in April.

User feedback has shown that there is still a way to go. WhatsApp know that people are facing delays in uploading their messages securely WhatsApp We are working on improvements to normalize the experience across web and desktop and all connected devices.”

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