When are the 2020 US election results released and who would like to win?

When are the 2020 US election results released and who would like to win?

He is passing A month-long campaign against mail-in voting in November By tweeting and speaking critically about the practice, which most states have encouraged to keep voters safe. Coronavirus Ubiquitous epidemic.

In a July interview, the president refused to commit to similar results. “I have to see. Look, I have to see, ”he told Fox News on Sunday. “No, I’m not just going to say yes. I’m not going to say no, and I wasn’t last time.”

Now, the once-imaginary question is being asked: What happens if the US president does not accept defeat? Is there any possible plan if the President and his supporters refuse to go silently?

What if Donald Trump refused to accept the US election defeat and leave quietly?

When will we know the winner of the US election?

Election night did not provide a definite winner that the public wanted to know. The Unprecedented number of mail-in ballots This selection by Covid-19 is causing significant delays. While some states begin counting postal ballots before election day, some wait until the polls close.

So, for example, the state’s preliminary results, which prioritize the number of individual votes, may be forwarded to Mr. Trump, only to Mr. Biden later as the number of postal votes increases.

With no clear winner at night, the numbers could take days or weeks to count, although most officials in key swing states have said they expect the results to be announced by the end of the week following the recent election. .

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No matter the final outcome, Mr. Trump will remain in the Oval Office after losing the election if he loses. He will officially become president of the “lame duck”, which will complete 73 days of its term before handing over the keys to the White House.

On January 20, 2021, the new President will deliver his inaugural address. It has traditionally been held on the steps of the US Capitol building, but it is unclear what form the national address will take if the epidemic still poses a risk to public health.

How does the Electoral College work?

Each state is elected by a large number of votes in the Electoral College which corresponds approximately to the size of the population; For example, Florida has 29 votes and California has 55 votes. There are 538 in total, so 270 are needed to win.

Except in both the states, the candidate who wins the public vote will win all the electoral college votes in that state. These votes are cast by voters – there is one voter for every college vote – on December 14th.

The electoral college is linked to the political and demographic upheaval of the swing states, meaning that some states carry an unusually high weight in an election and sometimes outperform the popular vote.

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Swing results:


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