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Where is the location indicated by the RisePhilic Howard map? | Photo by Ubisoft

Rigzafilke Horde Map Position is an early game hint that can get you to some hidden treasures. Here’s a map of the Rhizophilic Horde in Assassin’s Creed.

Horde maps are a few clues that give birth to hidden treasures in murderous religious groups. For this, you will find it in Jyotwe Fort. This will be difficult to remember as the area in the story will be visited frequently. The map is easy to find, but the clues it provides are misleading. It reads “Hunter of Silver Glory! East of Alrextad, Hord Torgetton will look at you through the eye of the rock. Keep an eye on it and receive this reward.”

Don’t actually head east from Alrextad. What you are looking for is west of Alrextad, and you are looking for a huge rock in the middle of Norway. If you have a high point, you can travel there quickly. Directly south of the high point is a large rock that passes through.

A scalpel of the valley will ask you to collect instead of loot, and you will get an opal from it. A wooden isle that shines will give you a snackbite scheme (cell) for your boat.

The stuff here is less than a hoarding and a pleasant surprise, but you’ll find it all on the Ridgefilk Hord map.

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