Where was the “CoinHive”, which uses the user’s CPU without the permission of virtual currencies, disappears? – Jigazin

Where was the “CoinHive”, which uses the user’s CPU without the permission of virtual currencies, disappears?  – Jigazin

Microsoftregional DirectorTo check whether your email address is leaked or not.Am I Pwned?Game creator Troy Hunt announced that he had acquired Coinhive’s domain, a technology for mining using the user’s CPU without permission. Coinhive is no longer in service, but Hunt said Coinhive’s influence still remains, and he has written more about it on his blog.

Troy Hunt: I Now Only the Coinhive Domain. Here’s how I’m fighting cryptocurrency and doing good things with content security policies.

CoinHive is a technology that allows you to mine virtual currencies by embedding scripts in a website and using the CPU of the user browsing the website. So far, embedding scripts in the most visited websites is I manageproblemOr embed a script in a site managed by someone else and use virtual currency for yourselfproblemWas happening

After several criticisms, Coinhive ceased in March 2019 and all mining ceased. Then, Mr. Hunt, who paid attention to it, acquired the domain of “coinhive.com” in May 2020 and reached out to coinhive.com.

Coinhive.com recorded a unique number of around 100,000 visitors per day, even though it was set to generate a 404 error when trying to access it.

Hunt also provides a table showing which countries have the most traffic.

Below is a table of “Have I Paved” ready for comparison. “I don’t want to draw conservative conclusions about the relationship between Russian and Chinese hackers, but that’s not the case,” Hunt said.

Hunt is still concerned that many websites still have built-in Coinhive scripts. Mr. Hunt has changed the following pop-up to display when the user arrives at the site where the script is embedded so that the website’s administrators will notice it.

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In addition, he says he has created a feature that refuses to embed a new CoinHive script and automatically notifies the website administrator.

Also, the code that runs in CoinhivePublished on GitHubHe says that he would like you to make suggestions to help both users and website owners.

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