White House officials say North Korea has tested 1 missile during the Biden government

White House officials say North Korea has tested 1 missile during the Biden government

a North Korea did Missile test Over the weekend, White House officials told news agencies and newspapers on Tuesday. This was the first operation of its kind. Joe Biden Took over as president of The us.

According to the newspaper “The Washington Post”, The tests were carried out by short-range missiles.. US diplomats and defense officials took action just days after visiting Asia, including a meeting with delegates South Korea.

According to the Reuters Agency, a US government official said the warning was part of North Korea’s “normal” military activities, and that the tests would not close a potential open door for negotiations between the White House and the regime. Kim Jong Un.

Usually, when such tests occur, the government of North Korea will detect and warn observers in itself or South Korea. This time, the test was reported by US authorities only a few days later.

Also, according to a White House representative heard by Reuters, the Biden government will outline an action plan on North Korea and listen to two key enemies of the Kim regime – South Korea and Japan.

Military equipment was seen on parade to celebrate the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party in Pyongyang, North Korea, in January

The North Korean regime said last week that it would Ignore any contact attempts by the United States Not until Washington called it “hostile politics”. And Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong also warned America “Do not spread the smell of gunpowder” On the Korean peninsula.

Earlier this year, days before Biden’s inauguration, the North Korean regime demonstrated weapons at a major military parade in the capital, Pyongyang. Remember in the video below.

North Korea displays missiles that can be launched from submarines

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