White Sox option Ronaldo Lopez

White Sox option Ronaldo Lopez

The White Sox have chosen the right hand to fight Ronaldo Lopez placeholder image To return to your alternate training site and back left hand Bernardo Flores Jr., According to a team announcement.

It’s a disappointing development for the 26-year-old Lopez but one Sox didn’t clearly feel they could survive. Lopez was once considered one of baseball’s greatest prospects and a major player in the shipping business. Adam Eaton Flights from Chicago to Washington, DC He has been in the major leagues since his actual promotion with the Sox in August 2017.

Lopez posted a solid 3.91 ERA with 188 2/3 frames with the Sox in 2018 – his first full Major League season. However, he did it with the ugly peripheral matrix that painted him as a candidate for greater pressure, and that’s exactly what is alarming. Returning from opening day 2019, Lopez averaged 5.53 ERA in 193 2/3 innings for the Southern Cedars. And 5.18 FIP. In 2020, he started four games but only 92/3 innings in total. Along the way, he gave away 11 runs (nine earnings) to a hit batsman with 14 hits, eight walks and 10 strikeouts.

If the Sox were still in the rebuilding ring, they would probably push it forward with increasing pains and keep Lopez out against the big league lineup. But the team’s drawn-out rebuilding process has come to an end, and the White Sox are now fully on the winning side, making it difficult to accept the low rates collected by Lopez yesterday. . In a crucial match against the anti-division Twins, Lopez was unable to avoid the second innings, with four hits and three runs and a pair of walks. He used 53 pitches to record his five innings.

Even when Lopez was considered a major prospect, there were obstacles that made her feel like her last home would be in Sutap. He has worked close to a true three-pitch mix in 2020 and, the two most recently he has thrown mainly fastballs and sliders. Given his ongoing struggles in rotation, perhaps some intrigue in the organization will see how Lopez will handle the small-reliefs that allow him to speed up his fast ball and focus on the two-pitch mix.

With Lopez at least out of the future mix, it appears the Sox will roll with it. Lucas Giolito, Dallas Quechell, Dylan Clays And perhaps Dan Dunning As the top four in their rotation. Carlos Rodden The weekend was said to be close to the return, and the Sox are also level south Geo Gonzalez As the pressure of a smile.

Flores, named in place of Lopez, could also be an option to start a game. He made his 15-match double-A debut for Chicago last year, averaging 3.33 EA, 7.9 K / 9, 1.7 BB / 9 and 78/3 innings with a 53.3 percent ground-gale. He still has to play in the big leagues, so whether his first appearance comes as a starter or out of the pen, his MLB Debbie. Will represent. Flores is not considered one of the system’s top prospects, but he ranks first in the last half of the top 30 in MLB.com (19) and Fangrofs (27).

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