WHO Authorizes Emergency Use of Modern Vaccine

WHO Authorizes Emergency Use of Modern Vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday (30) approved the emergency use of the vaccine against the new coronavirus developed by the North American laboratory Modern.

Modern Vaccine Vial in Midtown Manhattan, New York 1/29/2021 REUTERS / Mike Sager

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The decision was made after the WHO stated in a statement that the vaccine’s quality, safety, and efficacy would be evaluated, which would allow countries to rapidly obtain approval for the purpose of import and application of immunizers.

The approval also indicates that Modern Vaccine supplements can be purchased and distributed by Coxax, an international vaccine sharing program with the most vulnerable countries.

Modern’s Immunizer 94.1 is effective and uses the new Messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, a synthetic genetic sequence that encodes spike proteins, which are used by cell human-COV-2 coronaviruses to attack humans with “prickly bark.” Uses a species of “.

Upon entering the body, this mRNA instructs cells to produce proteins, which will be identified by the immune system as an invading agent and contested with antibodies that will later withstand the infection of an infection by the new coronovirus .

Modern’s vaccine is the fifth to receive support from the United Nations Health Agency. The other four are: Pfizer / BioNotech; AstraZeneca / Oxford; From Serum Institute, India; And of Janssen, a pharmaceutical arm of Johnson & Johnson.

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