WHO: Available data does not indicate greater lethality of UK variants – 22/01/2021

WHO: Available data does not indicate greater lethality of UK variants - 22/01/2021

The United Kingdom’s version of the new coronovirus has no indication that it is higher than before, said epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhov, responsible for the response to the Kovid-19 pandemic to the World Health Organization (WHO), at a news conference on Friday. Is fatal Virus strain according to laboratory studies monitored by the organization. What contradictory expert’s statement British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday.

WHO Executive Director Michael Ryan pointed out that although there have been more than 19 Kovid-19 deaths in the UK since the variant has appeared, it is not necessarily linked to virus lethality.

“Lethality and mortality are two different things. What we saw with certainty in Britain was the increase in the number of new deaths that occurred with the increase of cases,” said Ryan, WHO reiterated the figures so far Is not. Strain of Saras-Cove-2.

According to WHO director, Catherine O’Brien, there is not enough information to know whether the immunizers being used for Kovid-19 are at least more effective than previously identified new variants.

The director general of the organization, Tedros Adnom, also warned that the use of vaccines did not require safeguards to remain in force.

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