WHO cites Euro Cup and warns of risk of third wave in Europe

WHO cites Euro Cup and warns of risk of third wave in Europe

Representatives of the WHO (World Health Organization) today warned of the danger of a third wave of Kovid-19 in Europe. Factors of concern include the effects of the Euro Cup controversy amid an easing of social restrictions, increased travel between countries and the spread of the delta variant believed to be more contagious.

Last week the number of new cases rose 10% in Europe after a 10-week decline. The WHO’s head on the continent, Hans Kluge, says there are enough signs to refocus attention.

“This is happening in the context of a rapidly evolving situation, in which there is a new form of concern [a variante delta] And in a region where millions of people are denied vaccination despite the enormous efforts of member states.”

“Unless we remain disciplined, there will be a new wave in the WHO European region,” he said.

Of particular concern is the impact of overcrowding in bars in the Euro Cup host cities that reach the quarter-finals from tomorrow. Stadiums are gaining in their majority, with less capacity.

WHO senior emergency official Katherine Smallwood said the impact of the Euro Cup controversy was not limited to the venue.

“We need to look far beyond the stadiums themselves. We need to look at how people get there, are they traveling in large convoys of overcrowded buses? And when they leave the stadium, what They go to crowded bars and pubs to watch games?” he asked.

“These are small incidents that are increasing the spread of the virus,” he said.

For example, in Scotland, health authorities have identified nearly 2,000 cases of COVID-19 among people attending Euro Cup events.

According to him, between June 11 and 28, 1991 out of 32,539 Scottish residents who tested positive for coronavirus were identified as fans who participated in one or two events related to the Euro Cup Football.

*With information from Reuters Agency.

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