Why blockchain is so much more than bitcoin

Why blockchain is so much more than bitcoin

BThere is confusion about these terms – lockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, tokens. For some, cryptocurrency and tokens are the same Blockchain And bitcoin. But this is a fallacy. Because blockchain is above an encryption technology that can be used in many ways. For example, the company works with the CashOnLedger blockchain technology, but not with cryptocurrency. On the contrary: It is not intended to replace traditional currencies, but to make them programmable for connecting payment transactions directly to the “Internet of Things”.

While one is still talking about potential collaborations with several potential partners, a project has been going on for a long time. “This is the only project in the region in Europe,” says Serkan Catilamis, CEO and co-founder. Along with tractor manufacturer Lindner, CashOn Laser has developed a model with which tractors can be billed according to usage. “It’s similar to car sharing. You don’t buy a vehicle, you buy mobility. Because that’s what you really need.” A specially secured “crypto security chip” is built into the tractor. The tractor extracts 65 data points. This allows for actual usage to be seen, which can then be monetized, explains board member and co-founder Maximilian Forster. For example, different hourly rates are calculated based on whether the tractor only moves from A to B or is used for heavy clearing work.

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